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At Tastee Treasures, we know that what’s underneath is what matters most. With so many varieties of men’s underwear styles available, how do you know which fit is the right one or which style suits you best? Our team of men’s underwear experts has got you covered (in more ways than one!) so that you make the right choice on what goes underneath, whether it’s your day-to-day or your best ensemble.

Your Guide to Underwear Styles


Though not the most flattering style of underwear, boxers prove to be one of the most relaxing, especially on those warm weekend mornings when you’re kicking back and lounging at home. Boxers are not ideal for a night on the town, but their style doesn’t take away from their practicality. With more movement for your legs than in the tighter boxer briefs, boxers go great underneath athletic shorts or any relaxed fit pants.

Great For: laid-back style, full coverage, lounging, feeling less restricted, breathability


With a structure that lifts and provides shape using minimal amounts of material, jockstraps are quickly becoming a new favorite among many men. The possibilities are endless for all that can be accomplished in a jockstrap - not to mention, they show off your most important assets in a next-to-nothing display so that you can show off what you’ve got.

Great For: full range of motion, little coverage with all the necessary support, looks great underneath nearly everything

Basic Briefs

The everyday standard, this style of underwear is a classic. More than just “tighty-whities”, this style can be dressed up or dressed down with a variety of cuts, shapes, and sizes, allowing you coordinate with everything from your business best to your weekend casual.

Great For: everyday style, average daily movement, feeling supported, and satisfactory coverage

Low-Mid-High Rise Briefs

The brief on briefs? They come in a variety of rises so that you can feel covered without letting it all hang out. Sure, a little peek at your drawers above your waistband isn’t a bad thing (and certainly not outside the stylish norm), but - lucky for you - rises and sizes allow for comfort and control necessary to maintain the right level of sex appeal on your outer layers. Choose a low-rise brief for those just at the waistline jeans. Or, select a high-rise brief for a more slimming structure. Your style is sure to reach new heights with the right rise.

Great For: flexible styles from day-to-day, average daily movement, smoothing and slimming capabilities, feeling supported from all angles

Boxer Briefs

A favorite with the ladies, boxer briefs provide you with satisfying comfort, coverage, and structure. Designed with movement in mind, this underwear style prevents thigh-rise and little-to-no chafing that would otherwise be caused by a rigorous workout at the gym or brisk movement. We think boxer briefs pair well with those jeans you’ll be wearing out this weekend.

Great For: sex appeal, above average daily movement (i.e. working out at the gym, dancing in the club), full support and structure, and detailed enhancements


Not to be confused with their wet-and-wild cousin “swim trunks”, standard trunks are a comfortable cross between a brief and a boxer brief. Looking to go a little smaller than boxer briefs? Trunks are for you.

Great For: moderate daily movement, athletic activity, detailed structure

Tastee Treasures has all of the above types of men’s underwear available in our online store, meeting you at the intersections of underwear style and comfort. Looking good in your day-to-day only matters if you’re looking good under there.

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David E Overton
David E Overton

janeiro 27, 2020

Everything yall have is great, my only concern is the Cup size, thats where all my issues are, and yeah this is a thing for and about my life!, id like to where more than boxers.

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