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junho 06, 2018 2 min ler

Every morning, busy men just like you get dressed - underwear first. And, no matter how busy your commute to the office in the summertime, more likely than not, you’re arriving to your next meeting or appointment feeling a little sweaty.

Not cute.

When you’re exposed to the elements (sun, heat, humidity), your body typically starts to sweat, thirst, and swell, and while that might be great for the gym, it’s not a good look for the office.

Plus, sweat causes you to chafe. If you’re a daily commuter or you’re not in a place to cool off quickly (like the subway), sweaty underwear that doesn’t dry during the hottest time of the year means your body is in a state of constant discomfort. Walking to work five days a week or walking the dog on the weekends feels like more of a hassle than it should be.

Regular cotton underwear doesn’t cut it. Though breathable, once you get sweaty, you have a hard time getting dry - especially since your underwear is not exposed to properly dry off. What’s worse is that cotton underwear traps smells in place, so with no moisture wicking ability, you’re stuck (and you stink).

This is where mesh underwear for men comes into play. Moisture-wicking fabric coupled with mesh in hot weather allow you to enjoy your time outside without feelings of discomfort. Tastee Treasures provides structure and comfort in all of our design, no matter how barely-there it may feel, so you never have to worry about supporting your manhood when you’re eliminating fabric.

Our mesh underwear solutions for men are great for summer when you:

  • Go for a run by the lake on warm Saturday mornings
  • Walk or bike to the office in the sunshine
  • Hit up your favorite new rooftop for drinks on the weekend
  • Join your friends for an outdoor music festival

So, what’s best when you break a sweat this summer? We’ve got you covered with a wide selection of underwear that’s both stylish and comfortable and won’t leave you feeling damp and down. Our brand showcases all that men’s underwear should be: styled as classic, structured for comfort, and designed to show off your fun / playful / masculine side. The bottom line for your behind? We’ve got what you’re looking for.

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