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Best Men’s Underwear for Active Athletes

julho 12, 2018 3 min ler

Long day? Sweat it out.

Need a creative bump? Sweat it out.

Feeling the lag after going out this weekend? Sweat. It. Out.

If you consider yourself an athlete and adrenaline seeker, chances are you know how good it feels to get a sweat sesh in after a long day at the office or a long weekend of not-so-great dietary habits. Athletic activity not only benefits your health but is also known to improve your state of mind.

You wouldn’t want your basic underwear to ruin that experience for you, would you?

Having the right performance underwear is important no matter the activity. For example, moisture-wicking products are great for when you’re really going to break out in a sweat, but mesh underwear might be best for when you want to avoid chafing.

Cotton underwear is the absolute worst when it comes to getting physical. Have you ever run in cotton boxer underneath your shorts. Big mistake. As soon as you work up a sweat, chafing shortly follows. This irritation can make you avoid the gym altogether.

What if we told you that performance lies in what goes underneath? A quality-made and a well-designed pair of athletic underwear allows you to push yourself to your limits so you feel limitless - not limited by what you’re wearing.

We’ve done our research to bring you top-of-the-line fabrics to ensure that you feel comfortable and supported when you’re getting your sweat on. Here’s what we came up with as 3 of the best men’s underwear solutions for athletes and adventure seekers:

  1. Boxer Briefs. Our boxer briefs won’t rise up your thighs when you squat down and lift back up again. Made with flexible, lightweight fabric, our boxer briefs give you the range of motion you need to do just about anything at the gym. The breathability of the fabric prevents sweat and heat from getting trapped so you can focus on counting reps.  Pro's: affordable price point to buy a pair for every day of the week; comfortable for rigorous activity
  2. Trunks: All of the capabilities of boxer briefs with less fabric and similar structure - that’s what you’ll get when you wear our trunks. A cross between a brief and a boxer brief, our trunks are equipped with all of the support you’ll find in either with a little-added coverage and no-rise. Pro's: great for lots of movement in the sun, sand, or water; detailed structure
  3. Jockstraps: The quintessential undergarment for male athletes, the jockstrap gives you the most barely-there feeling without the added material and coverage of boxer briefs. Too much structure leaves you feeling constricted, but too little support and you’re hanging out when you’d rather not. Tastee Treasures jockstraps provide men with the right level of support, putting comfort and shape first without sacrificing sleek, movable design. Pro's: structure where necessary; breathable and freeing; allows for optimal athletic movement

A good pair of performance underwear can make or break a workout for an athlete. There’s no reason you should have to struggle with sweat and discomfort when you’re trying to improve your health or your mood (or just burn some energy). What better time than now to purchase some of the best men’s underwear for athletes than to kick off the summer? You’ll feel comfortable and supported in our products that will make you feel good about what’s going on under there.

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