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janeiro 28, 2019 1 min ler

A bit of material is the only difference between a thong and a traditional brief. Thongs adequately support sensitive male parts but provide incredible freedom elsewhere. They also have an unmatched coolness factor. Incredible heat is generated from parts of the body that have high muscle and fat concentrations. Most men, by instinct, know that their backsides are a culprit for heat generation. Traditional types of underwear keep this heat contained. This results in the lower half of the body being uncomfortable. It might also sweat continually. A thong-style allows the lower half of the body to emit heat, but not have to deal with it all day long. 

Thong underwear for men has been popular for decades. This style has been employed anywhere that showing the true male form was necessary. Thongs provide the best type of support for the front, but they allow the backside to remain free. Properly sized, a thong’s simple construction will not create any discomfort. This is the problem most modern men have with this design. They wonder if a string will make them feel restricted. The opposite is true. Thong underwear makes it seem as if nothing is being worn at all. This goes a long way in helping a guy feel cool and comfortable when the weather gets hot. 

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