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agosto 09, 2016 1 min ler

Providing unique styles that men love can sometimes be challenging. But when a product gets a lot of attention it can help give direction on where to go next. After two successful runs of the Diamond Lush One Piece, it's clear that a sexy one piece provides many men with the look they want to achieve.

TasteeTreasures is working on more branded products so we set out to make a body suit of our own.

Above is a photo of the body suit we came up with. It's made with a sexy mesh scale patterned fabric that extends down to the upper thigh. Providing a more masculine look than the previous leotard bottom.

This detailed view shows the tight knit of the fabric. Very plush to the touch, this bodysuit feels like an additional comforting layer of skin. Making you feel and look even sexier than you already are. 

Nevertheless, we are excited about the Scale Skin Body Suits release and we're confident this is a body suit you'll love. We may even use this fabric for a shirt design or pair of underwear. Stay on the look out for more.


TasteeTreasures.Com Designer and Ceo


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