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Dancers G-String in Royal Red

Dancers G-Strings by TasteeTreasures are designed with our signature soft yet durable fabric that stretches to fit various body types. The large pouch provides room for movement and comfort during physical activity, while the stylish waistband bends with your body's natural curves as you move. So whether you're dancing or just standing, this underwear will keep up with your high-energy lifestyle – it's like two pairs of underwear in one!

The pouch is contoured to fit your package like a glove and has extra fabric around the waistband to provide you with additional support and comfort. As a result, you can wash and wear your underwear as much as you want without worrying about it losing shape or fading in color! 

Available in Gunner Grey Grey, Lux Black, Royal Red & Beastly Blue; Machine-wash safe.