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While some men may not wear any underwear at all, most enjoy a bit of soft fabric between their sensitive areas and rugged materials from shorts and pants. 

There are several types of underwear gay men love, but we are going to focus on 5 specific types that are the most popular.

As a time-honored classic, with modern improvements, the jockstrap is a type of underwear gay men love. There are several key features of jockstraps that helped cement this type of underwear as a prized favorite. The most obvious feature is its protective cup in the front. This feature supports your manhood, while also protecting it and keeping everything nice and comfy in your nether regions. Another neat feature of jockstraps is an opening in the back.

This sexy underwear type has become increasingly popular among the gay community. There are several advantages for gay mean to wear thongs. For one, they are comfortable. There's less fabric to sweat things up, thanks to them being so breathable and lightweight. They exude confidence, given how well thongs show off those prized manly features. 

Also, thongs help gay mens' butts look fuller. Thongs can elevate the mood, given their inherent sensuality. This makes both the men wearing them feel sexier, as well as the men looking at the eye candy enjoying what they are seeing. You also avoid pesky underwear lines that you get from certain other types of underwear. Finally, they are incredibly liberating. Since you essentially only have a piece of fabric to keep your member in place, you feel the sensational liberation of hardly wearing anything.

Like jockstraps, body suits hearken back to decades past. This type of underwear is another gay favorite. Its traditional one-piece style is incredibly form-fitting, which accentuates everything that is prized on a man. They have deep cuts in the front and back, while tightly covering the crotch and butt. Body suits provide a masculine look that is especially enjoyed for fetish and kink purposes. With new material compositions like micromesh and soft rayon, these are making a big splash in the gay scene.

Briefs were incredibly popular for decades by both gay and straight men. They are really good when you want to go out and have everything tight-packed. You will get plenty of support for your package with briefs, which can be helpful when you're being highly-mobile. They make it easier to hide it when you're sporting some wood as well. They will have less of a chance to bunch up and become an uncomfortable wedgie. Briefs also can seamlessly fall into the background and be invisible when you're wearing tighter clothes, like skinny jeans.

Wrapping Up

These are the most common types of underwear gay men love. Depending on your mood, the situation, and what you are looking to express, one of these may be more preferred than another. The best thing you can do is try on all of these and see which ones you enjoy the most.


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