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Picking a Jockstrap

February 11, 2021 2 min read

Jockstraps are sought-after, and rightly so. Everyone wants an item that offers as much support and comfort as other underwear and also looks sexy. Men now display their underwear to the world via social media platforms such as Twitter or, more openly, OnlyFans, which is incredibly liberating. It's almost like wearing a hidden camera on your body to see the world around you.

The goal of our jockstrap collection is to create underwear you feel good about wearing to bed. That means it has to be supportive and comfortable, simpler than your traditional jockstrap, yet chic enough to make you feel like a new addition to any Functional Man's boudoir. Our favorite thing about the menswear-inspired jockstrap is that it can allow you to float between masculine & feminine personalities. It'sIt's your new best friend -- and it has strong man-power fabric, so take that as you may.

We love everything about male underwear, but do you know how hard it can be to find supportive and comfortable male underwear? One of the most significant features of men's underwear that they are typically made from more stretchy material. The elastic underwear that supports your entire package and hugs your body from the waist up is excellent for someone like me who needs tighter fit underwear.

Female underwear tends to be made of more rigid material. So if you're going to commit to male underwear, coming up with enticing designs is part of the game, but if you're designing something that can hug your butt cheekbones in a flattering way, guys will appreciate that as well. After spending some quality time vetting the best underwear for men, we've added our favorite jockstraps. Don't let the selection of options intimidate you, although there are plenty of exciting possibilities to surprise you. Whether you want underwear that's smooth and sexy or large and edgy, we've got you covered. Available in sizes small to three-xl.

Why Jockstraps? The first thing you should notice about our thongs and briefs design is the material that's used. Our jockstrap's minimalist design is complemented by the tight, supportive material ranging from sheer to a cotton-blend, seamless underwear that looks great with everything from skinny jeans and soft blend t-shirt to perfectly tailored suits and sleek blazers.


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