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Model Search

 Enter your information and upload a photo for a chance to before our new model for TasteeTreasures.


We are constantly asked, “how can I become a model for you?” Well we are finally going to answer that question. We are looking for new models to help us showcase our products. Everybody has a story and we respect every shape, size and color and encourage everyone to apply.

The details:

Participants will log onto and upload some usual boring information plus pictures! Make sure to use pictures that highlight you, your energy and if you already have any TasteeTreasures wear those!

Entry will be open until May 18, 2018.

Starting May 23rd we will open voting! That means call your mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, or random grindr friends (no judgement) to log on and vote for you. Voting will last for two weeks.

What do you win?

Now the good stuff, you will win a photoshoot with our world class photographer who has worked with modeling agencies around the US.

-You will be featured on the TasteeTreasures website and on promotion material so you can yell, LOOK MA I MADE IT!

-A first look at some exclusive new products

-Free products! (Duh we aren't going to take back the underwear you shoot in)

Boring Legal Stuff:

All participants agree to have their image or likeness used by TasteeTreasures and their affiliates in digital or print media. All material is the property of TasteeTreasures and its affiliates. Contestants will agree to non disclosure agreements. Contestants understand that their face may be used in ads in the United States and internationally. Winners agree to not promote, sell or engage in any activity that is a direct competitor of TasteeTreasures for up to 12 months after contract signing.