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January 05, 2020 2 min read

Jockstraps are dropping both jaws and pants these days, going beyond simple support and protection and evolving into flattering, shape-defining styles. With lifting material, the jockstrap has come a long way from the simple days of cotton and elastic. So, what’s all the hype and why should you wear jockstraps?

Let’s start with a little history lesson, shall we?

A Brief History of the Jockstrap

Invented in Chicago 1874 by C. F. Bennett, the jockstrap was designed with both comfort and support in mind - for cyclists. Yep - Bostonian bicyclists, or “bike jockeys”, were the first predominant users of the jockstrap. As a matter of fact, Bennett’s bike company (which would become today’s Bike Athletic Company)  patented the “bike jockey strap” in 1897 and began mass-producing the product. Today, the company has sold over 300 million jockstraps as a leader in the industry.

Though common jockstraps are mostly used by men engaging in athletic activity, our jockstraps are largely for aesthetic purposes. Sensual in nature, jockstraps from TasteeTreasures are designed to make you feel sexy, masculine, and empowered.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should choose jockstraps, too.

Why Choose Jockstraps?

  1. Sex appeal. Our jockstraps are made to be looked at. Gone are the days of cotton fabric held together with dingy elastic. Today’s jockstraps are anything but (and all butt!) highlighting your best features and your sensual shape.
  2. Flex on ‘em. Beast-mode seekers can agree: flexibility at the gym shouldn’t be limited to your warm-up or cool-down. Jockstraps provide you with the perfect range of motion when you’re hitting the gym, so there’s no restraint on your glutes or quads.
  3. Support. Keeping your stuff snug and protected is priority number one. Too much structure and you’re left feeling constricted; too little support and it feels like you’re hanging out and maybe a little too relaxed. Tastee Treasures jockstraps provide men with the right level of support, putting comfort and shape first without sacrificing sexuality.
  4. Barely-there on your derriere. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. With less material on your backside, your butt has some room to breathe (and shake, and strut, and bounce). Great for hot days or hot places!
  5. Comfortably snug. If you’ve ever wanted that next-to-nothing feeling, the jockstrap is definitely for you. The limited fabric meets the minimum requirement of what constitutes as underwear, so you can achieve that free feeling without the extra fabric (and with all the comfortability).

If this is your first time considering jockstraps as an option for you, check out our line, showcasing everything from sexy black jockstraps to more flirty and fashionable jockstraps. Whatever your desire - be it fit or fashion - we’ve got what you’re looking for under there.

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